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Global Sim

Unlimited calls to over 60 countries !!!

Call-mate APP offers unlimited calls to landlines and mobile in 34 countries and landline in over 26 countries. Click Here for list of countries

You need a smartphone, the Call-mate APP and Wi-Fi, or Internet (data bundle). Once you have this you can make your calls for as long and as often as you want. You have a choice of 2 bundles:

7-Day UNLIMITED pack

Monthly UNLIMITED pack

There is no contract so if you with to continue at the end of the period you simply re-new and continue with you UNLIMITED calls

Make calls from any where in the World - even on a cruise ship!

NO LIMITS!!... You can make calls when you travel abroad; just connect to the local Wi-Fi and start calling. Even on board a cruise ship and flights as long as you have Internet access.

No Wi-Fi or Mobile Data - NO PROBLEM

In some countries you can connect to Call-Mate system using a local call from your mobile. Unless you have inclusive minutes; the local call may be charged, by your network provider.

Cheap call rates to other countries!!!

You wish to make calls to countries outside the FREE bundle? No problem, you can buy additional call-credit and make cheap calls to countries outside the bundle. You want to know the rates? Click on the MORE button and see how much you can save with the Call-Mate APP

Global Sim